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been playing recently and I've noticed small icons next to squad members names, usually stars, but sometimes they are other icons such as the specialisation icons. does anyone else have these? If so, how did you get it? The BF website won't turn up any answers :|


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I think a star means squad leader.


If they have a medic symbol, I think it means they NEED a health pack. If its a support symbol I think they need ammo.


Not 100% sure, I havent played enough to figure those smaller details out.

It is telling you who they are, the star means its a squad leader, and the icons are telling you what kit they are running.

ah I know about those icons, but there are different icons next to those, one example is the star which has been established as the squad leader, but there are others, for instance the icon for the sprint specialisation. Mainly level 30+ use them from what I've seen

Later on you can unlock squad specialisations (exactly the same as normal ones, but your entire squad now gets them). Im guessing the icons means that they are using that particular squad specialisation.

I see thanks PlatinumSpectre for clearing that up :)

I believe once you level the "squad perks" up to level two, the whole squad will "benefit". I guess the best set-up would be each guy in your squad using a different level two squad perk. One guy with Sprint, one with Flak, one with Ammo, and one with Explosive. Everyone would benefit from all four. I dunno if there are more than four, yet.

You don't have to level up squad perks. Once you unlock them you can use them for the whole squad.

I wonder if you have Squad Sprint on each player.

Will you go mega fast?