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Has anyone had a problem with creating a squad only to have it split up once you get in a match. Whats the point of creating a squad if its just gonna break up in the match. And that was a beta issue. Surprised this problem wasn't addressed for the release. This along with EA connectivity issues is driving me crazy. It's fun to play once you're actually in a game, but what's up with EA not learning from prior launches of highly anticipated titles? Have more server capacity during launch week. Scale it back once the load lessens.

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Has happened to us a few times...we've had luck with 3 of us, but the 4th and beyond usually get left on the other team.


I suggest joining an empty server...we did that with some success.

Same. But you can go to the squad menu in game and leave your squad. Find an empty squad like Foxtrot and tell your buddies to join that. Hopefully it'll work.

That does work, but that's a work around. It's should "just work". Hopefully it gets fixed, but what's the point of having a beta if you don't fix the issues for the final product? This was an issue in the beta.

Hell me and my friends could not even get into the same game much less the same squad