Spray and pray

Do you think this term applies to Gears? I'm not talking about blind fire from cover, that one is obvious I mean every other part of the combat. Some guy tried to tell me Gears(and Mass Effect) is designed as S&P. I think that's pretty laughable but maybe it's just me. When I play I aim, even with the mulcher.


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You spray and pray me and you will die almost everytime.

Gears is anything but spray and pray. The only weapons that might be spray and prayish are the retro lancer and the sawed off, even though you can't spray a sawed off, but you don't have to put much effort in to aim it. Even if you're not hard aiming, you're still aiming in Gears. If it wasn't so, everyone would be an expert with the gnasher. Even if you're good at maneuvering, you still need to perfect your shots to take advantage of out maneuvering your opponent. For example, what good is wall bouncing in a one on one shotgun battle if you suck with the gnasher etc.

Lancer is what I spray with. Huge clip and actives do real damage. Aim and movement are more important though, and hip fire is usually not my first option.

I agree, success in this game is less about being a crack shot and more about being in the right place at the right time. It's more about strategy and teamwork than say Call of Duty ... at least that's the way I play it.

agreed, COD are more for accuracy but gears it seems like the better players just know how to center the enemy in their screen to hit them instead of aiming...i am not one of these people, i need to aim!

IMO, it's more S&P than say MW.... or Halo.  Sure you need to aim a little to put your burst on target but it doesn't take much to drop someone.  The real skill in this game isn't in your ability to wield a firearm, it's in how well you move about the environment.  Picking your plan of attack.  Patience is rewarded.  Rushing can actually get you a win in this game as opposed to MW or Halo but one must always be wary of the patient fighter lurking in the back.  The Sawed-off is the great equalizer and can turn even the lowliest of players into a one man army if you get too close.  Did I mention how much I hate that weapon?