Spotters and Talkers PLEASE READ

This thread is a way to add other likeminded people to your friendslist for games of BF3. If you spot enemies , dont mind throwing out the med or ammo packs, play the objective and talk on your mic please post your preferences so others can add you! This is not a clan or any way to join a clan, its so team players can find likeminded people for some non competitive fun.


No Skill level required. If you're a team player then you're valuable no matter how well you shoot.



1. Server

2. Gametype

3. Game mode

4. Specialisation (if any)


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3. ANY


I have terrible K/D ratio but am in 1-3 place EVERY MATCH.




THATS ME <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

1. Europe

2. Rush or Conquest

3. Hardcore, Infantry only or normal

4. Can play all kits, better with engi. Can use land vehicles well and Jets ok'ish but i'm useless in choppers. I spot every enemy and call out enemies on the mic!

1. Not sure which server, I do quick matches and live centeral US

2. Prefer Conquest, can do Rush


4. recon. Can play others but prefer recon and spotting. My kill ratio is low as I will also spot and support. Also above average in flag captures.

I hate groups that refuse teamwork, these type groups will always normally lose.

1. Europe/UK

2. Conquest or Rush...Squad Rush ...Squad DM.  

3. Any

4. Ill use all kits. mostly Engineer or Assault....cant fly for crap but ill have a go occasionally !!

I play to win K/D ratio means nothing to me.

1. North America
2. Rush (also would like to play Squad Rush & Squad Team Deathmatch)
3. Normal
4. See below

I'll play any class depending on the team/squads needs. I love flying, especially jets. If you spot opposing armor and aircraft, it makes my job easier and I always take them out.

1. East Coast

2. Rush or Conquest

3. Core

4. Engineer or Recon

1. US... Although, I feel specifying exact server numbers would maximize the use of server browser and give us a place to meet up/squad up. The OP should have found and named some servers to search; the party system in this game is all messed up.

2. Rush... Conquest

3. Normal

4. Assault... Engineer.

1 Southern US/ East Coast

2 Rush mostly

3 Hardcore or Core, Just not infantry!

4 Medic + I can actually pilot planes without looking like a retard :D usually around 7 kills per plane i'm in before getting shot down. All plane unlocks unlocked. NO HELICOPTERS THOUGH

1. North America Servers

2. Rush or CQ

3. Prefer Hardcore

4. Assault and Engineer