Spotlight Madden 12 "Ultimate Pack"

On the spotlight section of Madden 12 there is a tab that says Madden Ultimate Team (create your dream team) and when you click on it you can download an "ultimate pack" for you madden ultimate team


The problem with this is the 'ultimate pack" is not an available pack option anymore and either doesnt exsist or is not showing up correctly


I downloaded this and keep getting an in-game message that i have one or more purchased packs that I have not yet received. Please try and downlaod again from the screen where it was purchased. Ultimate Pack (1)


i dont know what to do about this and have contacts EA and Xbox Live customer support


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I feel your pain, I don't have a solution but these are the things i have done so far:

Contacted EASports (i received some really poor customer service from them btw)

They had me:

Change the date on my XBox to 11/15/2005;

Clear the Xbox's Cache;

Try download it again;

Run tracerts and pings;

Open all sorts of port ranges on my router;

Contact Microsoft (very pleasant customer support; kill them zombies in 3D! ;) )

Had me try:

Delete and recover profile;

Download the product again;

Delete and Download product again;



None of these has worked for me.

EA has indicated that there are issues connecting with XBox Live, but never specifically addresses the product issues.

Just because users have trouble contacting the EA servers from an XBox that not imply that product should be impacted, especially since i previously successfully downloaded a Gold Pack.  

So, right now I wait, unless someone else out there has an idea!

Below is a link to the corresponding easports forum page talking about this issue:

Below is a blog post referencing an Ultimate Pack that either used to exist or will exist which is likely causing the issue we are dealing with

I have been escalated with EASports lvl 3 tier for over a week w/o any communication my way; They seem to want to just ignore the problem until it "goes away"; Masters of scam over there to steal peoples money.  If I could get all the money and time back I have put into Madden 12 I would.  This is coming from a guy who had purchased everu madden game since 2002...  EASports is a joke.