*Spoliers* Comical endings?

Soooo, I finally finished new vegas... I ended up siding with Yes Man and after my epic fight with the new leader of Caesers Legion, I was met by General Oliver of the NCR.


After talking in circles for a bit about how it was time for the NCR to leave, I eventually just told Yes Man to throw Oliver out of the dam. I thought this simply meant he was to be escorted from the area... Yes Man took it literally I guess, and I see a cut scene of YM throwing Oliver from a tower to the bottom of the dam. Was this the inevitable ending of choosing YM's path, or did I just pick an amusing dialogue option to enable the cutscene?


Now to my actual question, as I have only done one playthrough, did yall encounter any "amusing" or interesting endings to your game?


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wow,  i sided with Yes man and didn't have that option because my speech was low i guess. I guess is time to side again with Yes man to see that ending. Thanks for share.

That is one of the thing i love from Fallout games you discover something new every day.

When i saw my friend get this ending all i could think of  was 300