*SPOILERS*The Companions Questline *SPOILERS*

This questline makes no sense to me. I just beat the companions questline by playing all day without breaks except for the nesessary ones. Skjor dies, that was forseen, Kodlak dies, that was also forseen by me. But what was the point? As a harbinger I get nothing. All of the companions finally get to a point where they will become your companions, even though they should have been in the first place. Whats up with all of the misc. quests from them a the end and not while your doing the questline with everyone there? It took me about 30 minutes to become part of the circle and become a werewolf, why isnt everyone in that guild like Athis and Torvar  a werewolf? Do I seriously get anything from this questline other than lycanthropy and gold? 


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Um nope not really thats all you get . If theres more then i don't know about it