Please remember to post “Spoiler” in the title of new or existing threads containing info about the main story, side quests, transformation(s) of your character, locations of artifacts, Encounters with NPC’s from previous TES titles, etc.


Enjoy the game everybody!  :)


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Heh heh... I clicked on this post thinking I was gonna find juicy tidbits on the game.

You can control dragons with enough magicka.

That is absolutely awesome if true.....and I hope that "control" includes "ride"....they sure would make a nice change from horses when it comes to transportation.

alduin turns out to be your baby mama

They already said u can't ride dragons not until dlc anyway

after shivering isles dlc and the good fallout dlcs, im already hyped for skyrim dlc. they said they know its a huge game but even with a game so big, people still want more (and more importantly definatly WOULD pay for more), hoping they add tons of dlc.

[quote user="pkvas"]

They already said u can't ride dragons not until dlc anyway


but dragons can still ride you...all night long.

Threads like this make me and countless others want to post tons of major spoilers with misleading titles.

This forum is gonna be crazy for the next 24 hours or so... Then everyone will be busy friday.