*Spoilers* Use your blade glitch.

I don't know if anyone else has had this yet. On the level "Night Shift" there is a part where you have to sneak up on a PLR soldier and stealth kill him. There is one minor problem I have found. Whenever I get within striking distance I just randomly die, like I've just had a heart attack from the excitement of knifing someone in the back. At first I thought I was too loud so I took it slowly. The dude turned round and shot me, tried sprinting at him, barely made it round the corner. Returned to my original tactic of crouching and moving as fast as I could. Got within striking distance and guess what? Hello cardiac arrest!

I've restarted the game and the glitch still persisted so I'm now restarting the level again. I hope this works because if it doesn't then that's it, this is as far as I'm getting through the campaign until the bug is fixed. This is a potential game breaker and should of really been picked up in the testing.


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Sorry for the bump. Got back to the same spot, same thing happened. Nice, can't play the campaign.... Awesome.

I looked up a video to see if that was a level I had completed (unfortunately that is the one I am on now). but the walkthrough actually showed the glitch happen so it must be common. it also looks like that turns into a cutscene battle so it may be why its killing you if its not triggering right. Here is the video if you want it to see:


Ok, apparently Xbox.com really doesnt like chrome. The link doesnt seem to work on its own so I'll try again here:


So it's basically a brick wall that you have no control over? Nice....

I had started to think the same thing, but I actually did it right on accident.  You don't even have to be that close to start the knife fight.  As you near the guy, the game will tell you to hit "rt" to stab.  Do it as soon as you get that message.

you're not supposed to sneak up on the guy too close or he catches you.... you're supposed to strike from a slight distance so as to catch him off guard.