[SPOILERS] Possible outcomes of new Batman Game

Here are a few outcomes that could possibly play role in the next installation of the Batman series: On a wall in the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC, you will spot this on the wall: "WHEN MY JOKER RETURNS WE WILL ALL BE HAPPY... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA..." During your play-through  of Harley Quinn's Revenge, you will also spot posters for CADMUS Laboratories, which basically revolves around cloning. You can also spot a moody Gotham Times front page describing The Joker's passing, "Joker is Dead. NO joke." My thoughts from this would be that this "CADMUS Laboratories" clones Joker and Joker returns to the game as a clone. As far as bringing the pregnancy into play between Joker and Harley Quinn, that's a 50/50 chance. What do you think, any ideas on what could happen? Go crazy, always fun to read up on some interesting concepts.

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Yep, cloned Joker. Failure in my eyes.

Batman Beyond Return of the Joker

Just putting that out there.

I really hope they dont just make the leap into the Batman Beyond story so early, there is so much to be explored in current and true batman Bruce Wayne as well as Robin and Nighting, plenty more stories to explore before putting Bruce into retirement just yet

I'd love to see more Robin/Nightwing take a big role into the next game. I wouldn't want the series to take such a leap and cut Bruce out there. Although, Bruce may be sick, so perhaps the developers are going for that.

The sense I got from the ending to HQR, and the story it told....indicated to me, that there is a real chance that more then before, the Bat-family will need to come together to deal with the fall out of this


Something is very disturbingly not right with Batman, everyone can see it...how this will effect him going into another game for me would see Robin, Nightwing take a more main role in the next story

The Lazurus Cocktail that he downed at the end of the main game may also be a factor and open up other storyline possibilities as well...:-)

Yep...the fact is, what HQR did for me was to highlight the fact that Rock Steady have so many avenues they can go down for the next game both in story, choice of location, villains, main boss and side characters....nothing can be assumed right now and the detail in HQR alone shows they are really focusing on Batman/Bruce Wayne on a personal level more then ever!