*Spoilers* Best Monsters on Each Role.

Commando: Omega-Preorder DLC/Chichu. Omega is slow but majorly Strong  while Chichu is faster but a little weaker according to max Crystarium.

Ravager: Lightning- DLC. Lightning is very fast and has elemental blitz and Thundaga. Her power is very balanced.

Synergist: Yakshini. Yak gets the best Syn Spells that can overpower all of the other Synergist.

Sentinel: Silver Chocobo. Give him the right Infusions and his 9k HP makes him unkillable.

Saboteur: Black Chocobo. Black learns most of the Level 2 debuffs and has abilitys to extend it's duration.

Medic: Green Chocobo/Flanitor Green is melee proof and learns improved Cure II. Infuse it with Esunaga/Esuna and it's the best Medic. Flanitor is very good if Feral Howl thanks to Hyper Rescue otherwise Green wins hands down.


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If you need details I can provide from where they're found except the DLC.