*Spoilers* Beast Mode is sick, but......

Why only 12 rounds? Granted on Wave 12 you need at least 3 people and it is challenging as you have to execute everyone. You get the feeling that this mode may have been tacked on at the last minute.  I do love it though, being a beserker is awesome.


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I thinka  DLC might be in future, more waves and more locusts to pick from, maybe a Reaver.  More upgrades for cog too

I think they should up it at least several rounds, and allow me to charge in as a Brumak.  That would be pretty awesome.

A Brumak?? lol Wouldn't need anyone else, lol.

I would like to see a downloadable package for Lambent characters. I think it woul be cool using a Drudge mutation or the Lambent Zerker. Plus if you see yourself taking too much damage you can roll towards the COG's and explode.