**Spoilers** Annoying main quest bug?

So I'm up to the quest 'The Fallen' in the main questline, in which you have to capture Odahviing, and I go to attack him with everything I have. Spells, swords, shouts, and he doesn't take any damage. At first I thought he was just so powerful, but I looked up a walkthrough and the guy defeated him and he was a level 17, and I'm 27. I assume this is a bug. Anyone experiencing something similar and if so know how to fix it? I have started a new character though, so I might try to get to that point in the main story again, but I'd rather just get it done on my first one. Thanks in advance.


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Turn down your difficulty?

I did that, used Dragonbane and a Healing spell...pretty easy fight if you ask me.

Now, if it's a bug.. because it's possible, i've encountered many bugs with this game...

Best thing to do would be create a new character.

I've noticed the bugs with quests I receive vary with characters.

I'll try the difficulty, and I've got a new character, so thanks.