Okay so halo 5.. I guess I am just here to hear what some people have to say about the game and some thoughts. Firstly, any possible good idea why they brought cortana back right after her death? Was it a good idea to even bring her back? I always thought it would be best that they wait till the third game to bring her back. 

   Now as for the Chief... Why would 343 let us play so much as locke but like 2 missions as chief.. Is there a reasoning for this that we will see in halo 6? I loved the game but I feel like 343 took a wrong turn here. 


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for the agent lock thing, chief is getting really really REALLY old, he has to come of duty one day right? I don't like it either and I want to play as chief more, but that's not the reason, if you think of the story point, it would have become weird and stupid to see what chief is doing because he isn't doing anything, for example at the time of at the end you find out that Cortana has been making chiefe go around that planet all the time, do you seriously just want to walk around the entire game? -_- , it was a mistake at the story which led to this but if they didn't do it the story would have become less interesting, I just want to know what was the whole hunt the truth or shooting the chief helment to bits by a sniper bullet advertisement all about -_-

Make sense.. Do you think it's possible now that cortana has some promethean control that maybe she is planning out a war with the didact in halo 6?  A promethean civil war. The chief may help of it turns out to save humanity. But because cortana is so powerful oni wo,t like the idea and causes a battle with Locke.? I'm sensing 2 major boss battle. Locke and chief. Cortana and didact.

Cortana would be a scene not game play obviously

didact already died if you read the halo escalations

His physical body died, what if it's something like this.. What if Cortana really is not meaning to be bad.. Cortana has been around for so long helping humanity but as time goes on through the games it's like she is becomi,g more and more human like... She starts having feeling and emotions.. Now at the end of halo 4 during the fight with the didact the didact is basically wondering why she would help the humans and she says she isn't doing it for humanity.. What if even though being artificial she sees the value of life of all beings... So after figuring out a way to save her self she starts a mission in releasing the guardians.. What if the guardians are just being used to guard Cortana , Cortana is using them to stall all living beings and gets the help from other a.I. to help with the stall and know her plan is actually what is going to bring peace, but Cortana is getting nervous she will be stopped so her last option is to go to halo and threaten and scare all living being into a galactic peace.. I don't think she has actual intentions to destroy anyone or really mean harm.

Something is telling me Cortana is still a good character and 343 is doing a mind twist to make us think she us gone bad when in the end something very beneficial will happen, however I fear it's only a matter of time spartan 117 master chief somehow dies. How it will happen who knows.

well power blinds everyone, especially halsey, and Cortana is actually halsey so....

This game uses way more of the books characters then any other of the Halo games, Chiefs team for example.... also introducing Locke is a way to bring in the new hero most likely, that and Locke and his team are the newer versions of Spartans, where as Chief is the older model, so like many of you said he has to shut down eventually, either that or they do some kind of upgrade to make him one of the new versions of Spartans...   by this point too im pretty sure Cortana is straight evil, since she basically wants to police everyone and everything to have what she is calling "peace"