SPOILER WARNING - Ending, a bit disappointing?

Now I'm not bad-mouthing the game, I'm just wanting to get people's opinions and views on the ending.

Your given two options,

  1. Kill your GF, join Citra afterwhich she has *** with you, then kills you...
  2. Throw the knife away, let your GF live and save your friends... afterwhich Dennis tries to kill you, Citra runs in the way and dies.

Either way it's pretty lousy, the game is massively explosive and really well done I really liked how the game played, the story and everything, then it feels like the ending was rushed "Oh thank god thats over, lets go out for beers" kind of mentality.

Theres no cutscene or fmv to go out with a bang, just a lousy camera shot of a knife or a boat (depending on your choice) and credits roll..

For a REALLY good game, I think the ending is pretty anti-climatic, crap and rushed. that's just my opinion, I'd like to hear the rest of you give yours.

I personally would of liked to see what happened when you all got home, seeing you and your friends reunited with their families and friends if you chose to save them, as for joining Cita, i'm not sure but it pretty much sucks how you single handedly owned the entire pirate army saved the tribe which Citra was the leader of then to get nothing for it but a knife in the chest after having *** with Citra.

Seems to me Citra was no different than her crazy brother but just flying under a different banner.

 - NOTE, Sorry for all the text being stuck together, no idea why it does that when I post on my PC, I'm using the Internet Explorer browser, most recent one if anyone knows why, let me know!



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I don't see how the ending is rushed. You get closure on all of the characters. If you save your friends, you and your brother go home, Citra dies, Holt is dead, Vaas is dead, the doctor is dead, Sam is dead, that FBI guy is in russia, Dennis could be either so sad he leaves or angry, hes really the only "loose string". If you stay, your friends die, Citra lives and probably takes control of the island.


I'm not sure what else could have been added.

I know what your saying, I guess "adequate" closure is given, but compared to the rest of the effort that got put into the game I personally think it was a pathetic way to send off the game.

Overall, I wasn't blown away by the ending but it certainly didn't take away from the experience that was the rest of the game.


While playing it, I was hoping that Sam would turn out to Hoyt as he was previously described as being crazier than Vaas. What better way to show how crazy someone is than by having them team up with you just to **** you over at the end. As it was, Hoyt was far less interesting as a villain than Vaas and less of a character than Sam.


I also thought it would be cool if Dennis became a villain out of his jealousy of you.


In the end though, this was still the best game I played in 2012 and for me the story was exactly what it needed to be to allow me access to two islands full of awesome gameplay.

"I also thought it would be cool if Dennis became a villain out of his jealousy of you"

Yeah this came to mind for me too, I also agree that VAAS was a better bad guy than HOYT. I too thought Sam and the american Spy were in on the operations on the island and just using it as a front to draw the main character out.

One thing I found dumb was when your undercover in the Compound where Hoyt's operations are you see a video from a recording of you and your friends, your characters face is CLEARLY shown, and the name is called out "Hey Jason" etc.. yet Jason just says "uhhh how did they get that?" and continue on to think he was being a total ninja, only to get screwed over in the poker game and Sam gets killed, which sucked, Sam was awesome.

All in all I really enjoyed the game, I just felt the ending a bit anti-climatic compared to the rest of the game, should of been more of an effort made with it in my opinion.

Personally, I rather enjoyed the whole Flight of the Valkyrie/Apocalypse Now helicopter thing. "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning" LOL

The part with Cidra was annoying but not hard to see coming. You had to know something was off with that whole group all along.

Actually yeah, the Flight of the Valkyrie moment was one of gaming's all time best moments - I couldn't stop laughing long enough to shoot everyone on the ground.

I very much enjoyed how the game ended, it was well laid out and layered to give you the conclusion that such an epic game deserved, did love the choice it gives you as well


For me, I did a 100% run, so did all relics, memory cards, lost letters, radio towers, hunter missions, wanted missions, all additional content from the Deluxe DLC (had the lost Expeditions edition to start with) etc before ending the main story, so it was a nice rounding off to the whole experience for me, one of the best Iv had with a single game in recent years

I would have liked to of had intercourse with liza. She was hot.

/\ /\ most pathetic thing ever seen on the forums /\ /\

Cool. I've been meaning to find some forum or other to spew my opinion about FarCry3's endings. NOTE. This is tongue in cheek.... meaning don't take me too seriously.

   Loved the game at first. Then I beat it. Now I love it, but I want to find whoever is responsible for the ending, and do some unspeakable things to him and everyone he loves. (NOT SERIOUS)

   From the moment I got back to the Doc's house and found out that Citra had betrayed me. That she had undone all the saving of my buddies and my girls that I had worked so hard for and after I risked my life to help those (racial slur uncalled for) tribal warriors take back their home from evil pirates. They even killed the doc. WTF...... I was so mad. So ready to destroy that (sexist remark) and everything she loved. Then I get through that weird drug sequence and WHAT? Slit my girlfriend's throat or "join" Citra? WTF? Ok, I sure as heck didn't save them all just to kill them my self, that would be DUMB. So I went with saving my friends some more. And then what happens. Not what should have. Not in ANY universe. I throw away a sweet blade, and Citra pitches a "crazy jealous lover / insane ankle" fit and Dennis stabs her instead of me? (what's an ankle?.... 3 feet lower than a @#&% {they use this word in England alot}) OMG. The other ending is just silly... she kills me but I can still finish off all the compounds and roam the Island... whatever, but where the heck did my wingsuit go? So took it upon my self to take my revenge on Citra by going to the save game before the last mission begins. (Sam should have lived too, way cooler than Dennis... I wanna call that dude so many bad names but I cant, so just imagine me being a complete racist right here. I would commit a hate crime upon him if he were real.) But yeah, reload my game from there and set out to take down the last of the compounds and anything else I missed, only now, I am not helping the Rakyat. I kill them all. Every single one, innocent civilian or warrior, I do not care. They ALL die. Deny me the slaying of a character that has earned my enmity, and inflamed my heart with unbearable rage, will you. Hah. I will have my revenge. They're all "why have you betrayed us?!" every time I start slaughtering a group of those worthless warriors. And it makes me laugh so good.

    Here is how I would have ended it. God of War style. I don't toss the blade.. the second I take it from that ugly, psycho, brother loving, (another sexist comment) I takes that blade and I shove it right between her saggy @#&#. Dennis freaks out, and charges you but you throw down with him as you did with Hoyt, only at the end you cut his head off and then, with one foot on the corpse of that "woman" you hold up his head and then toss it into the crowd of warriors, (like Arni in Conan the Barbarian) You free your friends and off they go, there is still work to be done and the Rakyat have made Jason Brody their Chief, he did kill all the pirates after all. And Citra was obviously unfit to lead. BOOSH FARCRY. Take that.

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