spoiler - using golden keys

OK. I'm having a tough time killing the thresher and need a couple more levels I think. I've lost sanctuary and the only golden key chest I know about. Is there another chest for golden keys?


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Nope, that's the only one. Your best bet would be to either level up by doing other missions (unless you've done them all to this point), or roping in some other people to help.

open other chests till you can return to sanctuary.kill many things loot what they drop .do all your sidequests,use the quest guns they give you.when you beat the game linger at the warrior till you get a few or 1 rare good gun.


That thresher's a pain in the butt until you get some Badass Ranks under your belt. The buildings next to the cliffs will get you some cover. Run around behind them. That particular thresher can't get back there. Work around the corner a little until you can hit it and not have to worry about it hitting you or the loaders getting to you either.

He was a PITA on TVHM even with badass rank under my belt... I retreated back to the main Hyperion Outwash area (as the thresher doesn't seem to go through the door) and picked it off at range.

Run back across the bridge and snipe him