(-)SPOILER(-) Mass Effect 3 Endings - Fish and Ect. (-)SPOILER(-)


If you came in here and wish not to be ruined then exit out, don't want to ruin it for you. though there is 3 spoiler words so you have no right to complain. you have been warned. 

So I just witness 2 endings Paragon and Synergy one haven't witness the Renegade one yet.

I am very pleased how it ended, but I knew Shepard would have to die in some shape, but I am confused they say in the book that he lives but he dies...and they say Anderson lives but he dies. And which ending is the official ending in the ME1-2 games renegade decisions have been the official story (though it seems) here we get 3 I wonder which one it is.

I was also surprised that the other reporter can't remember her name didn't make an appearance, but you got a PR girl to follow which I sorta knew would happen but wasn't expecting it to be whom it was.

And the Prejeck Paddle Fish - I "Romanced" Kelly Chambers but noticed nothing do we have to buy the fish again or what? I found nearly everything from ME2 on my ship but not my space hamster or previous fish though various websites claim to have said they carry over. 

Other than that I look forward to playing this on insanity. What is your all experience of this. 


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The reporter from the first two games, Al-Jilani, she does make an appearance. But you can miss it. You have to go to Bailey's office when you first go to the citadel and you see them argue. Then she appears elsewhere, where you can finally reach something of a friendship between you both (paragon) or knock her out again (renegade).

I beat the game last night using my paragon character. My war assets were 6,000 plus, and I decided to destroy the Reapers. I convinced the Illusive man to kill himself which I guess means that I "saved" Anderson. At the very end of the clip you see what appears to be a badly burned body wearing N7 dog chains. At one point you see the body take a deep breath. I am assuming that the person with dog chains was Shepard, and he is alive. While I love the game I did not like the ending. So I am playing a second time with my paragon character for the different ending. I don't know, ME3's ending with the destruction of the Mass Relays seems to put an end to the ME universe, which to me is very sad. Hopefully the other ending will be better.

What did happen to Emily Wong (Mass Effect 1)? Al-Jilani was in ME1 and ME2, but my Shepard helped out Wong to expose corruption on the Citadel.

i have been reading a lot in the forums after i finish the game (and saw the 3 endings.. thanks for 2 of them youtube!) and to be honest i'm not that happy with the endings... i do get the one that u destroy the hole thing and die in the process (the one i did) but the other two did not give me what i was expecting... now of what i have read in some other forums around here  say that in order the get the "perfect finale" your war assets shuld be 40.000 (sound really crazy right?!) but consider the fact that u promote ur multiplayer team as an war asset [every time you do it count as + 75 on ur spec ops n7 team asset (u get that for each team u promote)] it would take time but u could make it happen... so i'll try that and check with the forums when i'm done (will take a wile)

about the hamster... u find him were jack was living on the normandy the first time ur in the ship.. he is on the run around the floor and u have to cacht him (really quick the rat!).. just look around the sides of the place and he will run from a palce to another so u can get him....... and kelly is there.. she is in the waiting area or cargo base (is not were u land with the normandy is were al the refugees are) of the sitadel ............... hope it helps

If you're talking about the War Asset fish it's supposed to carry over from your old save as long as you kept it alive.

o i forgot about that lol if you give kelly the option on mass effect 2 to take care of them when u meet her on that place she will send them to the ship cause she keep it when u were on earth............ lovely girl!