*Spoiler* Main Quest Help- Throat of the World

So I did a lot of other quests before doing the main quests, and I started doing the main quests the other day. However, when I tried doing Throat of the World, I got to the top of the mountain and the dragon I'm supposed to talk to wasn't there. I've tried leaving and coming back, but he's never there. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know what's happening? It kinda sucks cause I can't even continue the main questline.


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He should be flying around and eventually land near you. so wait awhile if he does not show up then i dont know

Yeah he's not flying around and I've waited around but he never showed up.

How did you know there was a Dragon to meet? That was suppose to be a surprise.

What is the title of the Quest you are on?  If the quest is actually "The Throat of the World", then you need to learn the Clear Skies shout to get to the top of the mountain.  Once there you will meet Paarthurnax, if you got to the mountain top any other way (and I have heard with clever jumping and rock scaling you can get around the deadly mist) he won't be there.

Damn...knew I shouldn'tve read this...dragon spoiled....haha..ah well minor one...and it was a 50-50 chance of it being a dragon now I think about it....

anyway...thanks, now I can stop going insane trying to get through that barrier!! arngeir won't tell me any more word wall locations.....I've got 16 shouts, 7 of them mastered, 7 with 2 words, and 2 1-worders...guess I need to do some more main quest missions huh?...I havn't even met the guy in solitude yet in "diplomatic immunity"....and I'm half way through level 46!

You can only get through the barrier when you get taught the Clear Skies shout (though I did hear some people were able to get around it by using their mountain climbing skills), that shout is taught to you, in it's entirity (all 3 words) when the quest is triggered.

Ah. I actually went to throat of the world while I was trying to get to High Hrothgar with my mad mountain climbing/flying horse skills.

I knew it was a dragon at the top because I did some research before posting this to see if I could solve my problem. And I did learn the Clear Skies shout and used it to get to the top and still nothing.