[SPOILER] Help with last boss on insanity

So, I've breezed through Hardcore on my first run, other than the last boss, which I gave up on after 7 or 8 tries and switched to narrative to blow his @@@ away.  By last boss, I mean that Marauder.  He is by far the hardest enemy in the game, at least for me, apparently.

Now I'm in my Insanity run, super easy, except this last boss.  I'm on about try 20, and I just can't kill it.  I've only gotten his shields down once and then missed the next shot, bam, dead.  I mean, really, I just got done taking on about 5 brutes at once and a wave of marauders and banshees without dying a single time and I can't kill a single marauder after 20 tries?

Is there some trick I'm missing?  At this point, I'm thinking this last "battle" is going to take me hours upon hours to win.  

At least seeing the ending again is worth it, right?


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It took me 3 times...all I can say is there is a small pause after you shoot where your accuracy sucks...you have to wait for your cross-hairs to tighten before you shoot...take this time to line up a headshot and fire.  If you hit, he falls back a second and you should have enough time to line up another headshot and get your crosshairs small again...just keep doing this over and over.  Don't get ahead of yourself, and you will get it.  

LOL, are we talking about Marauder Shields?  

Hahah, I believe so. It's okay. I went through the final mission a lot smoother than my normal run but Marauder Shields was being a super pain. Died to many times to count. Want to try your best to aim for his head cause or at least keep trying to stagger him till he dies.

HAHAHA that was the hardest part of my insane run as well. Only shoot him in the head, wait for the reticule to go back to normal and shoot again, slow and steady wins the race.

Marauder Shields... I love that guy!

Yea Marauder Shields is who I am talking about :)  Waiting for the cross-hairs to tighten up and aiming only for the head sounds like my best bet.  I was just shooting like crazy before.

Wow..who would've thought that idiot could actually be a final boss..kind of makes sense the way I was getting hit once by him (on normal)

Oh great, Im playing insane right now and I forgot about that guy -_-

Wait, what?! There is an "end boss"?! If it's the part I'm thinking of it just gave me the Launch Option with everyone still on Screen. I just made a mad dash for the button. Way too many Banshees, Brutes and everything else there.