*SPOILER* Ashley V Shepard face off in citadel


Does anyone think this was an unfair/unclear show down as to the renegade choices you can make./ Basically I play my shep as if i was in that situation IRL. When I went for the renegade trigger I was thinking he would shoot her in the leg or shoot the gun out of her hand...but know he just shoots her! If you leave the option with out pushing anything she gets shot anyway. It took me 3 load ups to get the result i WANTED WHICH INVOLVED ME SWEET TALKING HER. A bit silly to be hinest as I kept feeling I was being trolled into killing her.


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Really because I did it in one go vs Kaiden, He backed off I got the shot.

wow completely different result there

I talked her down on the first try, she then turned around and shot Udina.

Getting to shoot Udina in the heart  was such a satisfying moment for me.

I shot Udina first try, damn Ashley needs to learn her place...xD

I got the same, with udina, Told kaiden to back down. Shepard:"I will regret it for the rest of my life but I WILL gun you down."

Kaiden: *inside thoughts* I don't think shes messing around. *backs off and aim at Udina*

Then I took the shot. I wanted to shot him since the first one.