I hate cliffhangers !!!


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hehe, to be honest I am glad Desmond is no longer the main protagonist. He was always kinda a wimp, in nicer terms, about his role as an assassin. Can't wait to see the new direction they take it.

I agree, sort of. I've got no problem with Ubisoft leaving some narrative threads off for their future games, and even with a cliffhanger ending, but they really gave us nothing after 5-games worth of storyline. Desmond deserved a more satisfying ending than that.

I would agree if they made him more motivated as an assassin. I'm not saying he didn't live up to his role as the assassin, but the times where would be ready to quit, and he was annoyed that he had to be the one to do it.

i hope we see Rebecca and Shaun again and hope the next assassin games are in China,Japan, and Europe (but not Italy since we've been their)