Splitscreen RPGs

Me and my bro just love to play our splitscreen games and even played the sega satun again because were running out of good coop games to play.

So what im asking is if you guys know any great splitscreen RPGs like borderlands.

We hoped that Dead Island was a splitscreen coop game but got slapped because it wasn't.


and heres a joke my bro said.

"Got any games you play with friends?"

"Friends? What are friends?"


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Not really RPG's, but I really enjoyed playing Borderlands with my kids and all the Lego games (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Carribean).

sacred 2 is not splitscreen..sadly , .the MP is online .

Sacred 2

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castle crashers


Highly recommend this game, I enjoyed this game's playing-style and humor.

castle crashers

The Fable games is RPG splitscreen. Really enjoyable too!

On the top of my head there is:

Fable 2- Both players are tied to one screen.

Fable 3- Both players are tied to one screen.

As you stated there is Borderlands but the DLC is really worth checking out if you enjoyed the core experience.

Castle Crashers

Tales of Vesperia

Dungeon Siege 3

Crimson Alliance

Hunted: The Demon's Forge (Isn't a RPG per se but a great co-op experience!)

Any Deathspank game.