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...can't seem to do it!  Am I missing something?


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are you trying to split screen on the x-box 360? if so try just turning on the second controller.

360..and pressing start has no effect. And I just noticed thar when I select create a game all I see is "playing as.." which just indicates one player...me. and I have looked around on some sites and they all say thar splitscreen play is not supported on the game!

Ok..as I thought: splitscreen cannot be done on system link. Only on live and local play..what a disappointment.

If you're trying to splitscreen System Link then you're trying to get three people playing together... why not just use another Live account on the other console, or give one of the others a new one and splitscreen in a Private Match?

Well I was trying four players...two on each console.  I just assumed that I could do that the previous games allowed it.  But yeah u r right...we will just have to do a private match via live.  Why did the developers allow split screen on local and live play but not system link?

Couldn't tell you, to be honest, but given the workaround is so simple and many games utterly ignore co-op features, I don't mind in the slightest.

here is the forum to ask that of people that may be able to answer or help you community.callofduty.com/.../forums

Voodoo, out of curiosity, why do you spam that link everywhere?

Didn't you know that all the 'cool kids' do that?

Acitivision has posted this, saying you should be able to split screen system link.


Seems like a lie if this topic/messages are to be believed