Split screen multiplayer is dieing bread of multiplayer mode.

Reason for it death is online gaming services like XBOX LIVE and PSN. When I was kid.  I had no games with split screen until to SNES. I managed  without it NES days. I can manages without it in HALO 5. The only way I get MP action is over XBOX LIVE. So I one's go online for MP. But this would hit hard people who do still like split screen MP.


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I used to have many a good night in with friends playing split screen, or same screen, couch co-op. In a generation that sells it's products on social features the one most important social feature, that brought people together physically rather than digitally, is being left behind for the sake of reaching a target resolutions and FPS.

Such a shame.

Yes, I used to only buy games that supported split screen so my wife and I could play co-op. It was starting to get so hard to find new games to play so earlier this year we decided it was time to buy another Xbox one so we can now play co-op on all games that support it even if they don´t support split screen. It sucks to have to buy 2 Xboxes but as a result we have been playing many more games. Can´t tell you how fun it is to Play Forza Horizon 2 ¨Couch co-op¨

I lol'd at the Toast comment. Thanks for that :) Also Darkplayer,  I know , it was still funny though.

"To maintain visual fidelity at all times."

You know if you are going to play split screen that sacrifices have to be made. If I have to lose some shiney or drop to 30fps then people accept that.

Couch co-op is far more fun than playing only online. Would Goldeneye on the N64 have been half as fun if the four players weren't in the same room? That's why Nintendo have got so right with their consoles, the fun factor of getting people together in the same room.

The 'graphics have to be uber' mentality seems to be affecting developers now as well as some gamers.

I mean breed

I'm a big fan of split screen co-op.  It's sad to see it go.

Dying bread ?....You know Toast!

Dying bread ?

To maintain visual fidelity at all times. Personally, I notice just about every frame drop. Have you tried playing split-screen in Halo: The Master Chief Collection? The game has to sacrifice a consistent 60fps for playability. Heck, even playing solo, there are framerate drops. Now, that's not to say that a consistent 30fps is bad; it certainly isn't. Shadow of Mordor looks amazing at 30fps, in fact, it's so smooth I even thought it was 60fps at one point.

Why couldn't Destiny have split-screen? Surely it could manage the feature, especially since it runs at a consistent 30fps.

I'm fine with Halo 5: Guardians sacrificing split-screen to maintain 60fps. It's gonna be great.

Played some split screen co-op with a buddy today on "Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition".

Works fine and good fun.

Glad the feature is in there like in the original.

Don't understand why it's not in "HALO".

Especially when the series built itself on having that feature.

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