Splinter Cell Conviction Perfect Hunter achievement problem

I have attempted this achievement countless times, and I completed 3 of the games following the requirements, yet I still don't have the achievement! I usually get about 48 or 49 out of the 50 as stealth kills and a few close calls. If anyone has had this problem and figured out the solution or if I am doing something wrong, please tell me what I need to do to fix this, it's been frustrating me for a few days now :(

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If u get detected in act 2 and die, restart and then succeed it will still count as a fail. U must do this flawless from act 1. I recommend the dlc graveyard level. It's only 3 acts and very easy.

I never died, if I was ever detected and they called in reinforcements, I simply quit and started all over again.  I've practically memorized the Russian Embassy and St. Petersburg missions.  Sadly, I don't have any DLC, so I can't try out the graveyard level :\ I have also even cleared all memory system caches, wiped my hard drive of all memory that has to do with Splinter Cell Conviction on it, I have no idea why it isn't unlocking for me D: I'm starting to feel like my game's been glitched...

I have tried to look at guides for this achievement, but a majority of them seem to do exactly what I do, and the other players never shoot out lights nor do they use the EMP, so I'm thinking, could that contribute to ruining the achievement? Also, would disabling the camera turrets affect it? I do it all the time :p

what level are you trying this, I find that first lvl St.Petersburg  is the eaiest to complet stealth. If you play with a partner, you will easly get it........

I'm doing it on St. Petersburg Banya, and I currently can't get a partner, so I'm having to do it solo.  

Also, I'm not too sure about the exact requirement for the achievement, so if I got the detected message on the screen but kill the guy that saw me like a split second after it shows up, can I still continue and get the achievement?

Ok, I just tried AGAIN and I didn't get detected at all, not even the detected thing on the screen, and I STILL didn't get the achievement! What is this???

Do you have the Third Echelon map? It was and still is only available through gamespot. Don't know why is not an automatic extra by now, silly ubi.


I was one of the final free dlcs available after launch, but they came up with this retarded way of releasing it. This map is aces for the perfect hunter. add me and I'll help you run it.

It's well worth creating an account for to get the code.

It's also an excellent map for last stand as well. Its has some very nice kill zones for the Last Man Standing cheevo.

Thanks for your generous offer, however, I have Xbox Live Silver and am not expecting to get Gold anytime soon, plus I let a friend borrow my wireless adapter, so I can't connect to Xbox Live anyway :( thanks though, but I've pretty much given up with this achievement. Not worth the 20G...

you need to update your copy of convictions, there is a glitch/bug that prevents people from doing this. Now it makes sense why it will not work for you, the good news is when you do update it it will automatically give you the achievement....

This is the solution now that I know you do not have live!

Oh, thanks so much! Now I just gotta get back my adapter than! :) You just saved me about 3 more hours of wasted effort! :D