Spitfire... Useless?

I have come to grips with every aspect of Titanfall except for this weapon... I have always liked LMGs in other games (COD), but the firing mechanics of this weapon seem counter intuitive... I get that firing wildly would induce recoil, but this weapon has it opposite... it's virtually impossible to aim at an enemy for the first few seconds of the firing mechanic... after you've settled down to where you can actually aim at something you are probably dead because it is so loud... does anyone have any luck with this thing? I would understand if there was some unlockable attachment for stability, but as it is I find this weapon virtually useless...


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I think its really just there to be the unstoppable beast that it is for rodeos. It's by far the best pilot weapon against titans, it's only fair that it be very difficult to use against pilots. Lucky, it gets a little better after you unlock a site. Only a little though. Like a real small bit.

Yea even with the holosight, It's sub par at best. There's not even an option for a suppressor. Exo's got it right I feel like this gun was specifically made for killing titans, my reasoning, It's the only Pilot weapon that has a mod that adds an increase to damage when rodeoing titans.

^The Slammer

Definitely a Titan killer only.  This game is very fast paced, and all it takes is an accurate first burst from any other primary weapon to score a kill.  This definitely isnt a game where you can provide support or overwatch, for the most part.  Not to mention the giant red dot you become when you fire the thing.

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