Microsoft please get one of your very own studios to copy the format on splinter cell multiplayer as it seems Ubisoft won't listen to the fans only you make it bigger and better! And secondly the original games on xbox which say xbox live don't seem to have any expiry date so why can we no longer play a game which i bought in good faith as a game i can play online! Doesn't that then mean the product is not fit for purpose which should mean we get compo?????  Example Splintercell PT  a game which I played to the death and still love to this day!  A game which I held onto because the multiplayer was by far the best game online but the servers were taken down so now I have a game which has no trade in value and I can't even play on my 360 single player! COMPENSATION ME THINKS??


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On the back of every game it says online play may change at any time. That includes it being shut down.

Woah, that looks awesome! Too bad it's on PC, I suck with a keyboard and mouse.

Play Splinter Cell: Double Agent. The ugly step child of the Splinter Cell franchise.


When I saw Project Stealth had a Heartbeat sensor for spies a part of me died inside. Leave that crap in the noobified Doube Agent, thanks.