Spider relic 3

I know you have to make the long jump down into the pool to find this one. Then climb up the vines on the east side. But about the forth vine it appears to be to far away to get the "Climb" prompt. So what is the trick to get over there? I've tried to run and jump but I just land back in the water! If you just run at it will you get the prompt? Thanks for any help.


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I managed to get it today

Man there is 120 of these things, trying to remember a specific one is way beyond my memory.


However I will tell you this (and I've collected them all over two games), all of them are very getable - especially if you got eyes on it. To make sure you got it's exact location put a waypoint on it in your map (make sure it snaps into position), they disapear if your too close so you may have to back off a bit but then you'll have the distance and an arrow telling you if it's up or down.


Now if you absolutley know where it is, just keep trying some Super-Mario platform jumping or deep diving if it's in water and you WILL find your way to it. NONE of them are too difficult, especially once you got eyes on it - it's harder finding the entrances to the caves than it is finding them once you're in the cave. BUT I will note a couple of them have two cave entrances that you can only get to the relic via one of them, maybe that's your problem? If so back out and look for another entrance.


Otherwise just keep jumping or look for an alternative route that won't be that hard to find.


NOTE the ONLY tricky one is Spider #1 which is in the cave under the doctors house with your friends, and the only reason it's a bit tricky is you've only got a limited time to nab it. AFTER you rescue... whatsisname the stoner (Oliver?) and BEFORE you leave the Northern Island for the Southern one - location's easy to find on youtube.