Spell Creation... I miss it :(

That's the only thing that I feel is missing from Skyrim, the ability to make your own spells.  For those who've played Morrowind and Oblivion you know what I'm talking about.  Don't get me wrong I love Skyrim as if it were Morrowind 2.0 but I feel as if some things were left out.  I wish there was a way it could be implemented to bring more creativity into the game as a whole. Hopefully it could be added as dlc within the college of Winterhold, that would make things interesting and give me more reason to go there in the first place.


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As a non magic user, I wouldn't say it is the only thing missing, though, if they would allow for making your own spells, AND making your own arrows I would feel it a much more complete game.   Really want to be able to make my own arrows, though I can see how it would be a pain to implement.

I dont, the game was so bogged down with spells as it was then to add a spellmaking options made it worse.I mean did we really need 18 versions of a light spell ? Then add making spells AOE, life absorb paralyze just made the game unbalanced.

I wish I could make my own spells once in a while, but I see why they did it. The only spell I would make is a higher level Fury Spell. I want to make ONE person attack, not three.


They did it because there are variations of each spell and it would be confusing to the average player. Also, people make boosting spells.

I dislike limiting what a player can do based on what some players will do. It's nobody's business if I want to make a full chameleon suit  and wipe out everybody i see though I don't think that would give me bragging rights or complaining rights which some who exploit the exploits do. I want to make my own spells so I can play the way I want to. It's a single player game after all.

LOL I felt cheap after making a cameleon 100% / reach spell that lasted for 3 seconds.  I could steal anything under anybody's nose.