Back when we used to do FGN I remember playing this with massive amounts of lulz being had. Would anybody play this if it had it's own 16 player playlist?


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Uhm, what is it exactly?

I doubt a racing playlist would be popular. Everyone hated it when it was included in some playlists before.

This is the game I'm talking about. The one time we did it during the run on Forum game nights we had massive amounts of fun.

i cant look at the gametype from work, but was that the crazy one with flat platform at the start and spawning mongooses, and half the time peeps would be fighting just to get one? i do remember a few like that in FGN, i had fun as well blackest!

lmao, holy ***, that looks crazy as hell!

I've played this with my mates, it's great fun.  Problem is you need alot of players and it's hard to get a full lobby for customs.

It would be awesome if it had it's own MM playlist, getting enough people for customs is hard and then you have to deal with people dropping and no real way to get people in once the original 16 you struggled to get in the first place starts to bail out.

I'd love a race only playlist. Reason is I played ALOT of team racing on Halo 1 pc and was hoping for it come back in Reach which sadly didnt :( Why put in rocket hogs but not racing bungie!? Team racing is seriously fun though, 4 hogs per team 2 rocket hogs an 2 gun hogs. The only difference is I think people would rather kill each other then to race which is sad unless there's some soft kill zone and instant kill zone put in the maps.

Seeing as this is an infection gametype i don't think it should get it's own playlist but just integrate it into action sack.