Speed Wheel does not fully work with Forza 4

So the wheel works with Forza 4 for the races. It seems responsive and feels good, however it completely falls apart everywhere else. Let's count:

1) The wheel does not have LB and RB buttons. OK, so some game functionality does not work - however Forza 4's menus often require the use of those buttons. So for instance I cannot view all my player titles. I cannot browse the storefront or auction house.

2) Autovista does not work with the wheel as it does not provide an alternative control system to use with the wheel.

3) The wheel has no support for headsets, so I cannot make full use of it if I want to race friends (which was why I wanted Forza 4 in the first place).

I've heard suggestions that a work around would be to turn off the wheel, turn on my normal pad for menus/autovista, then turn that off and the wheel back on for races but that does not work due to the fact the pad is assigned to quadrant 2 even though the wheel is turned off.

I expect (nay, demand even) a patch for the first 2 points within the next few weeks - what say you Microsoft/Turn 10? At the moment I feel conned, ripped off and will be looking for my money back should this not be rectified.


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I'm with you.  Yes, I knew about the lack of bumpers when I purchased the wheel.  But I thought I could use the controller for functionality not available with the wheel.  Since that is not the case, whadayado?

Get a refund?

This has been a challenge since Forza 2 and the microsoft racing wheel frankly...  I've resorted to just turning off my wheel and switching to my controller anytime I want to paint, take photos, now auto vista..  an annoyance for sure, but they do not seem to care that the Microsoft Wheel, which you would think would be the default wheel they would support with a micrsoft published game, does not support all of the functions.  you'd think after 3 versions of XBOX 360 forza games they could have figured out a racing wheel control configuration that gives you the ability to run all features with your wheel..

Dude i feel for ya. I don't own a wheel and was going for the speed wheel. I cancelled it coz i didn't recall a headset point being shown in any review i saw and am now glad i did.  I'm only a casual racer and wanted a wheel but dont want to pay mega money but also don't want one of them plastic weak looking wheels that my 6' 4" frame might brake........  

I totally agree with you. Personally I don't care about the headset cause I already had a bluetooth one and actually I never use it. But for your first 2 points, It's really a big problem. I thought the wheel is released for Forza 4, which means the game should already be optimized for that wheel. But it seems that this wheel is not even be considered for current version of game. I hope there will be an update.

How does the wheel perform though?

Wheel is great.  Very accurate.  But does take practice with assists turned off.

Only negative is the LB-RB buttons are in game menu but on on wheel.  Huge Oversight by Microsoft.  

I have a wireless headset so that is not an issue.

P.S. - I sure do hope they can patch the LB-RB functions into the MS wheel some how.  

Maybe remap them to X and B buttons on wheel when you are in the menu.

Are you listening Microsoft?

I havent tried it yet, but want one.  Can you plug your headset into a controller, and then play with the wheel?  Or does it shut off when you switch controllers?

The rumble effects on the Microsoft wireless speed wheel (the U shaped one) seems to be non existant when playing Forza 4. When I use the wheel, I set all the assists except the transmission(manual). So, when I start the round, there is no rumble effects. Only when I hit a wall does the controller vibrate. I found out that restarting the wheel(holding guide button and turning off controller and turning it back on) gives the vibration function back, but all the button mappings get reset. After I restart it, I no longer have the ability to shift gears. The D pad only shows telemetry.

Can someone that owns a Microsoft Wireless speed wheel confirm whether this happens to you?

edit: I found this answer in the forzamotorsport.net forums

Re: Microsoft wireless speed wheel bug?

I too have had this issue on multiple occasions.  What seems to actually be the problem is that the game is starting to recognize the Wireless Speed Wheel as the actual full Microsoft Race wheel (you can tell when this happens by going to the controls menu to see a diagram of the original Race Wheel).  Which is why the d-pad starts to show the Telemetry instead of allowing you to shift, because that is the mapping on the full Race wheel (and the shifting is mapped to the bumpers, which the Speed Wheel does not have).

Really really hope that this issue gets fixed as I am thoroughly enjoying the Speed Wheel, but playing in Automatic transmission so I avoid this issue is not as fun.

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