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I play this every day and find it the best of the solitaire games in Win8. However, you said you'd love to hear from me so here goes:

I play this as a 5-10 minute distraction thru-out the day so it is very frustrating to have to wait for the animations before you can start a game. This is particularly annoying when doing the daily challenges.  It seems to take ages to log in (Why can't this be a background service, leaving you logged in all the time whilst your PC is connected?), then there's a wait for the challenges to load, then you have to wait after clicking 'Play' on a challenge for the banner animations to slowly swipe off the screen before you can play.  I know this is to make it look pretty but once the game has loaded, we really don't need it to be so slow.

The 'Undo' button is not very responsive. I can click furiously with my mouse and it only reacts when it wants to  - again because it has to wait for all the animations (This is not necessary when undo-ing an action surely?)

Performance is very 'laggy' on some card animations, with noticeable judder.  My PC is a 3.4Ghz Core i5 with 8Gb RAM, a Samsung SSD and an AMD 5870 graphics card so way more powerful than this game needs.

All the above points also apply to Minesweeper.

Finally, the premium price. £6.99 a year is very steep, why not make it a one off fee?


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Starting from this month, performance is very very 'laggy' on mine too. what can we do but awaiting?

Hello MrFawlty72,

This information and your feedback has been sent to our production team for investigation. Thank you for your time and patience while we look into this issue.

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I am getting jittery performance too. I play tri peaks and like it, but when I click the cards up top the stop for 1 or 2 seconds then go down. The cards in pile run smooth, but the ones on top are slow. It is ticking me off with slowness. Everything else on computer runs smooth, but this game. It looks as Microsoft of XBox doesn't care. Reading from this forum. The performance is terrible. I got an i3, but still is one of the fastest processors I have used altogether, and this game is not like no first person shooter game. So it should be not play like this.

I had a notice that the Microsoft Solitaire Collection couldn't be opened because I needed to renew my license. I never had a license, as the game was on the computer when I bought it. Now I can't get into a game which I find a wonderful pastime. How can I get this to work?

I just tried switching themes, and it started to work smoothly, and played a few games. I then walked away, and came back to play it and boom it was sluggish again. I think those animations in the game is what is causing the problem. Now no matter what theme I choose it is sluggish. Something is not right. No I don't have malware, because I check daily for it. This game is pretty much the only sluggish game.