Spect Act Achievements WITHOUT DLC purchase.

Good Evening, Misters, I have a simple question:

.Is it possible to unlock the four AS achievements WITHOUT buying the DLC? I mean, taking the guns from the field? I actually have a pair of silver stars with the AS guns, WITHOUT the DLC. Did someone already unlock it in this same way? Or I'll be the first?


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I am not sure. As the achievements are already on our profiles I would say yes it will. Keep trying with the picked up weapon and let us know.

BlackBullet90, I would advise against this. Simply for the reason some Achievements in BF Games (Onslaught and BC1 All Online Awards) have been known to Glitch out very easily making it impossible to ever Unlock them at all.

If I had to guess, no it won't work and in doing so the BC2 Servers will see you have meet the requirements for the Pins/ Awards but it will not Unlock the Achievements due to not owning the DLC. If you ever pick up the DLC, it will already see you have meet the requirements and the Achievement will not Unlock post-active. Short story, it will be stuck Locked forever, because you cannot Delete any Info from your Profile from the BC2 Servers.

Try it if you want but I wouldn't do it.

can you still get the SPECACT weapons through the Dr Pepper website with the caps?

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can you still get the SPECACT weapons through the Dr Pepper website with the caps?


I do think they still do.

Thought the Dr Pepper was a limited time offer only?  Cause they moved onto other games right after BC2.

Buying the SPECACT weapons is your 'key' to unlocking the achievements for said weapons. Without that 'key', you are unable to unlock those achievements.