Specialist package

Anyone see that with the specialist package if you get 8 kills you supposbly will earn every perk available.  I also read you can't use 2 attachments or Overkill perk with this package so wouldn't that make it only 14 out of the15 perks.


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Its only until you die, so you get an 8 gun kill streak, you get all perks then when you die it gets wiped. Sorta sucks if you think about it, be gutting to get 8 kills then get sniped, hope theirs an accolade for that lol

i was kind of just pointing out they say if you get 8 kills you will have all perks but you can't have overkill so you can't have all the perks.

Everybody and their grandmothers are going to use the specialist package in free-for-all.

Thats true all so its like the best game ever bf3 sucks i love mw3 :)

really 7 kills since you can use hardline :o