Specialist = MoaB hunter?

I'm not going to lie, when running some of my specialist classes I think of moab especially after a 15+ streak. However majority of the time I'm only looking to earn Marksman as my first unlock to compliment Stalker. Imo them two perks are OP when paired which (I'm going to say it!) are OP. A lot of people do use specialist and don't intend to get a MoaB, so they maybe be looking for similar perk combinations that aren't available as standard. What do you use for your specialist loadout? Is it MoaB hunting or a perk combination that compliments your playstyle? I'd like to add the advantage you get by using specialist shows the standard tier 1-3 perks are pretty balanced imo.

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Primary Load Out: Blind Eye Pro, Assassin Pro, Sitrep Pro

Specialist Perks: Slight of Hand Pro, Quickdraw Pro, Scavanger Pro

Hmm. Last time I ran Specialist:


Primary: Sleight of Hand, Quickdraw, Stalker (my usual perk loadout if I do say so myself)

Specialist: Blind Eye, Sitrep, Scavenger

All I ever use is specialist, I breathe the stuff. I only use it because it compliments my playstyle.

I use specialist mainly to help me stay alive though I admit, getting a moab would be a nice thing as well. I find getting longer killstreaks so much easier with specialist. All I get with assault/support are UAVs, counter UAVs and predator missiles and then I'm dead. I like using scavenger as my 2nd specialist reward, 1st and 3rd one depend on my class. I just hate it when all the weapons you find and have to use without scavenger are just snipers or secondaries.

^^^ Yeah that's why I use scavenger for my primary loadout, I can't stand going to pick up a weapon and it's a Fiddy cal without kick or anything. A lot of the time if I have picked a weapon up I've often got killed doing it, so that's why I just run scavenger on everything except shotguns or on the MP5 which I don't really have any intentions of getting a MoaB with, I just like a few extra perks.

COD would be much "funner" if Specialist was the only KSRs, just saying. Having all the pro perks is a HUGE advantage, in every gunfight.

^^^ Yeah all the proficiencies are cool too, even if you just had Focus and Kick together I'd be happy but to get the lot it's just crazy.

Like three original perks isn't enough?

There are 4 things I like with my classes that I mix & match with: speed, stealth, awareness, & survivability. For speed I use either extreme conditioning or sleight of hand, quickdraw, & either steady aim or stalker. For stealth I use blind eye, assassin, & dead silence. For awareness I use recon & sitrep, usually with hardline. For survivability I use scavenger, blast shield, & marksman.

I'll usually use any of the 3 perks listed above & use another 3 for the specialist strike package. So, this gives me several wonderful combinations:

 - speed & stealth

 - speed & awareness

 - speed & survivability

 - stealth & awareness

 - stealth & survivability

 - awareness & survivability

I usually use certain perk & specialist strike package combinations depending on the size of the map. For example, speed & stealth might be better suited for smaller, close-range maps whereas survivability & awareness might be more useful on larger, more open maps.

stalker and marksman combo is the deadiest combo in the game if the other team doesnt have assassin

original: blind eye - quickdraw - stalker or steady aim

specialist: marksman - steady aim - sleight of hand