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Hi, I finally resumed my second Soldier playthrough. With this playthrough I am going for the Specialist achievements since I didn't get them before. I think I am pretty clear on the Overload Specialist one. But I would like some help with the other two, Warp and Incinerate. 


What are the best areas for these? I'm only level 17 so I'm not that far. I still have a quite a bit of loyalty and dossier missions left.


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The warp one was kind of a drag for me. Until I found a nice trick for it.

Whenever you can get the Dominate ability for Sheppard get it for this achievement.

The dominate ability is the same as AI Hacking except it works on organics and instead of boosting the target with a shield .. it boost the target with a BARRIER!

So what you have to do is use dominate on an enemy, shoot or meelee his barrier to 30%   and throw a warp on him. This does not work on a single target mutliple times so you will have to do this to different targets.


The incinerate one is quite easy. Just get Mordin to hang out with you for a few missions and make sure he gets to destroy every Armor there is with his incinerate. OR you could take him to this mission:


Link of te anomaly mission - contains spoilers of the anomaly mission

where there will be a wave of armored varren for you to incinerate.


Good luck and I hope this helps !

Thank you. I have Mordin's loyalty mission up so I'll take on some Blood Pack anyways. Not so clear on the "Dominate" ability. I have Slam right now.

Ok, I just picked up the Incineration and Overload achievements today. Still getting the Warp might be tricky. Got some on Tali's loyalty mission but still have like 20 to go.

Just picked up the Warp achievement on Samara's Dossier mission. First encounter with Eclipse there just some engineer or vangaurd, shoot once then warp to finish her. Reload as many times as you need.

Congrats man, good to hear you managed to get them all in one day !