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Who do you talk to to get a Castlevania: LoS theme? We've got two add-ons and avatar items. When do we get a theme?


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Or some gamerpics....????  plz

Hello...? Man, all I'm geting is an echo. Is it so much to ask?

Yeah this is a theme that I might actually buy if it was released. I'm usually not into paying for stuff like this, including avatar items, but this would be a good idea. This game has some of the sexiest backdrops ever. If we could get a premium theme with the big castle in the background that would be great. That would be my choice anyway.

Yea, tonight I was watching a Blu-ray on PS3, that's the only thing is does for me, and I saw on their theme list a Castlevania: LoS theme. Man, I hate PS3 but this pisses me off. I've always hoped that Xbox 360 would get things sooner or better, but after seeing that I almost wish I got Castlevania for the PS3... Nope, I'm sorry I couldn't even type that with a straight face. Come on 360! Get us a theme!!!... please.

yea support i been wanting somthing like this since castlevania was released in stores thats how long i had this game but yea nothing never came ah ha sucks if ps3 got id spend some points even tho i have tons of themes now lmao but only if it was done right like yea not having the name at the top of the screen of the main theme and not having cardboard ish cutouts in the friend list like a lot of themes developers release theses days

MICROSOFT!!! or whomever is in charge of these things! Your fans are speaking! We want answers!

National Geographic Shark Week Premium Theme?!?! You've got to be kidding me... CASTLEVANIA!!!!!

I'd love to have one of those little Chupacabra.

See, See what I'm talking about? Dumbo?!?! Really? Come on! Is Dumbo a game? Probably gonna be. But seriously! When are they gonna start taking request? Heck, they don't even have to do that. CASTLEVANIA: LOS Theme!!!!!