SPEC OPS partner needed!

Anyone up for spec ops right now? I need the last 4 or so missions...


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No one plays spec ops anymore???

I do, but.... connection issues....

I need to get 3 stars on every Spec Ops missions right now. Add me up. :)

I've posted this before and will suggest it again - you're better off trying to go at it alone, it's easier. Believe me.

not server crash! thats impossible

Server Crash is better than Smack Town ; )

I only need the two Co-Op only missions, but I don't have a quality headset at the moment. I have a TB X11 set on the way, which will likely come today or tomorrow. Until then, I only have a bad quality Philips mic with bad feedback and no audio adjustments.

Also, I'd be glad to help on other missions aside from the ones I need, or offer tips if you need them.
-As for Smack Town, be very cautious about advancing, and I advise bringing the AS50 to pick off the far enemies. This mission isn't even really as hard as Hit and Run, it just has a worse penalty if you fail, since you have to redo the heli part. This might seem like a shallow bit of advice, but that's all there is to it. Flashbang the close-quarters parts, and it wouldn't hurt to save at least one for insurance when going to your exfil.

-For server crash, grab the LSW at the end and set up claymores, I like to sweep the flanks before they even make it into the room after my claymores are gone, and flashbang the riot shielders. Save at least one flashbang for the Jugg, though, or bring a riot shield. I recommend the latter, as you can make it to the Jeep easier, and even completely disregard the enemies at the very end.

-And the deceptively easy mission that some think is the hardest: Flood the Market. I actually had a bit of grief with the end of this one, but I found a fool-proof method that I can say will work almost every time. If you're like me, the Littlebird and flankers weren't much of a problem, but the gas and enemies on the adjacent rooftops were. The solution is just to ignore both of them, I'm being completely serious. Don't kill a single enemy on those rooftops, just sit tight and only move to new cover when the gas is about to kill you, which actually takes a very long time. Your character's heart will start beating fast when the gas is about to do you in, so don't panic when the screen is red and you're surrounded by gas (it does independent, gradual damage). If you do all of this right, the download won't even be reset; what an ironic solution.