I would like to see spawn as a guest character for Killer Instinct.


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This has been done with Soul Calibur 2, XBox. Licensing issue may be a problem, but he could fit in the KI world. However, he'll resemble Glacius too much, so there goes any type of uniqueness he'll have, as far as looks are concerned.

You want Spawn? Alt costume, color 3.

I agree that Glacius alt color 3 looks a ton like spawn.

Ditto, Classic Glacius is close enough, although if he wasnt in the game in that form, Spawns character sure does fit well in the KI universe.

Dear god please don't ruin the game.

Nooooooooooooooooooooo damn i dont want guest character in KI

Yeah like most people said. I would like him but he'll look to similar to retro glacius imo. The face is spot on. Good shout though. Same goes with the arbiter. I know DH mentioned him a few times. Even glacius' stage has the guilty spark from halo...

I love Spawn and all but I dont like guest characters.  MK added Freddy Kruger, ick.  

No guest characters till all original characters are in the game.

Question what does the simple fact that just because in one of the colors for glacius around the eye area have to do with him looking like spawn? Is glacius spawn? Does he fight like him? No, so that being said if spawn was to be in it that there wouldn't be two spawns in one game. Glacius and spawn are two completely different people and it was just an idea just because I said this does not mean they are going to put him in it was just a suggestion.