Spawn update? ( legal boosting?)

For the past few days every time i kill someone they spawn to the next  left corner i will come across. At first it was kind of annoying getting shot in the back but as i learned exactly where they spawn i can now "boost" of off randoms. I just killed the same person around 7 or 8 times within a minute. Is this allowed? is it fair? will it ever be changed?


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This is happening in Kill confirmed, team death and dom.

As long as it's not being done deliberately, then it's all fair play.

The spawns are awful, even in FFA you can spawn inside someone, it's ludicrous.

Legal spawn boosting is the way to win, especially in FFA. Each map has a couple of sweet spots where you can just dominate.

  I play mostly ffa and lots of times I'll spawn in the same spoy over and over. But I have noticed on many occasions when I spwan in different places the same player will be there to kill me as if he knows where I will spawn.

  Myself ........ it taxes my memory enough just to remember where I am at on the map, there's no way I could memorize the spawns for others .........

   But I'll have to try thinking about it that way ....... next left corner eh?

^^^ I wouldn't worry about it if your having as it is. Imo it's awsome that a self confessed "tiredoldguy" plays Call of Duty :)

It's not your fault the spawning is so poorly done. If IW/SH want to make a half-assed spawning system then by all means go ahead and reap the benefits.

I run into these problems playing the FFA Gunplay modes. I had to stop running the instant I spawned because 50% of the time someone spawns right next to me.

I find it unsporting, but the again, it's either you or him...

FFA isnt fun to me anyways.