Spawn problem is killing this game

I can see the greatness of this game but omg when I spawn right next to opposing player (which just happened) or I make it out of one room only to have opposing player spawn right behind me is a joke!!!! This is what killed mw3!!! Your better off walking backwards the whole time. These maps are big enough for peeps to spawn elsewhere this is a joke at this point

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I know,They're bad,They should patch it soon enough.They must know about it by now.

After they get back from their vacation in the tropics...

They will fix it within the first patch hopefully.

I feel your pain....usually in my back after I spawn.

@Yankee: Take it easy with the posts, bud.


I agree with the spawning being bad. I hope they fix it with their next patch.

I hope they fix it by this Friday when I start playing it on PS4. My 360 version made me consider trading in my next gen copy for something else.

Spawns are broke because the bigger maps are made for more people than what the Old system can handle....they've said this already....the game was dubbed down for X360.