Spartan Ops: The Bold New Co-Op Of Halo 4



Heard a lot of this already, but some key things to take from it:


There will be 5 missions with each episode that comes out weekly, and in the end, it will be a "full campaign in size." Most likely a lot of this is already completed or near completion since making new content like this on a weekly basis would be impossible.


You can "advance" your character from Spartan Ops to Multiplayer. There will be an "urge" to play it, so most likely, there will be exclusive unlocks in Spartan Ops for Muliplayer in some form or another.


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That is starting to sound a lot better since it is different every week. I wonder if you miss one of the weeks if you will still be able to play that week somehow?  


Im sure you will be able to, I bet there will be a "master list" they just keep adding on to so you can go back and replay missions as well.

^Yeah that would be nice. This also just reminded me of the weekly events in Reach. If you miss one, well you miss it.  haha 

would be cool to have some community inspirer missions, just submmit an idea and hope they can make it or at least close to it, since its gonna be weekly they'll run out of ideas someday, but yeah, community has some crazy people in it so this might be hard LoL

Actually Modest, I think it's safe to assume that most of the Spartan Ops missions are already completed or near completion. There's no way they'd be able to create 5 new missions per week from scratch for however many months they decide to run it for. They probably have them created for the most part already and will just be releasing them in weekly segments.

Ara ara, now this is my cup-a-tea! Spartan Ops is sounding like it'll be quiet promising.

Thanks for the info Jak! d(^-^;)

Hope it turns out great. Also hope to see how everyone does for a little competition. :-)