spartan ops for silver users

will spartan ops be unlocked for for proper offline play at some point? seeing as it's an extension of the campaign, as if you want to keep replaying it you have to keep signing up to gold which is silly since I only want to play the extra missions and not play anything online.

i can't be the only one who just plays halo for the single player? i have no interest in gold and never will. I have a pc for online gaming. I only have my 360 for halo anniversary, 3, odst, reach, 4, black, graw 2, bfbc & farcry. as none of these are available on the pc.


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Hello "slarlac249"  :)

Spartan Ops will only be available for Gold Members because Spartan Ops will only work when the servers are up & running.  Halo: Reach on the other hand has all of the data on the disc, hence the only function of the servers is to facilitate playing with others.

I am a 95% solo gamer & 5% multiplayer gamer, but unfortunately the trend today is "we don't care about the campaign mode, give us multiplayer only".

Take a look at Titanfall (Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360), it is a multiplayer only game which you have to pay full price for.  Thus, if you're a fan of multiplayer, you're absolutely going to love Titanfall.  However, if you're like me (who barely plays multiplayer) it is something that I'm going to avoid.

Have a nice day or afternoon or night  :)