South Park's "Freemium isn't Free" is on Comedy Central!

If you missed it, you can watch it "on demand".

It's worth more than any "Freemium" game!



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and like the 20th time you've posted this and once again, has nothing to do with the game.

People are just so psychologically broken nowadays that they want everything RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

a big reason as to why our 15 minute battles last less than 5 minutes 90% of the time. All this technology of in your face ready to go attitude is what's both helping and corrupting our lives.

WoT is a great game. They've gone out of their way to ensure we get an awesome experience with tanks that are up to scale and even tanks the world has never seen! Hence why it's World of Tanks!

Still can't wrap my head around why you want to come here, to this completely dead forum, and continue to rattle off your repeatative nonsense only to get your precious confirmation bias from 1 guy who's obviously a silver SHRILL account.. as you stated several times before...

You may have missed's FUNNY!

You might understand it, better, if you had a wacko that OBSESSES over your every move!

You forget ALL of the people who watch this guy make a fool of himself...and LAUGH.

I'm the only one around here who does what I do.

Good luck!

no i love south park. seen them all. Freemium isn't free is a great episode for sure!

but the way you keep applying it to WoT is a bit folly. It was more specifically targeted at phone app games but I can see where you are trying to put two and two together.

The fact is most people believe that games are pay to win to begin with, regardless of facts. They will willingly throw their money at something in hopes it will make them better. I have been searching for the deep psychological meaning behind their obsessive spending attitude and my research has been fruitful.

Search for an old video called "Athene's theory of everything'

it's got some good listening on the first 20 minutes about human mentality.

South Park aimed it at every FREEmium game and they NAILED them all.

And that's the BEST part of the Waste of Time's pay (all day long), but it's NOT pay-to-win. It's pay for nothing.

They sucker people into paying $$$ to add NOTHING of value to a very average game.

Who pays $$$ to put camo on a cardboard tank? Answer: an idiot. LOL!

The jokes about this game and its "customers" NEVER get old.

The WoT is a better scam than casino gambling!

Good luck!