Sound Cutting Out

Been playing other games without trouble all day.

Just picked up Battlefield and at the most the sound will last 2 mins before cutting out, game and system sound..

Ideas anyone?


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Not good, that happened a lot during the beta but you would have hoped they had fixed it for release.

installed to hard drive and ive had glitches, sound going out in MP,and total freezing of my 360

Yeah I thought they would of fixed that an all. The sound was fantastic in the Beta (when it didnt cut out)

Picked up the game yesterday. With the servers going down for a couple hours I was only able to play for about 2 hrs but I was pleasantly surprised at the improvements I saw compared to the BETA.

I do have some sort of sound issue though. I know some games I play the sound will cut out here and there, usually it’s not too distracting because it doesn’t happen too much. But on Battlefield 3 it happens quite often. I’d say once a minute or ever other minute. On the BETA the sound would completely cut out for like half the match sporadically. I didn’t experience that last night but the sound did cut out for a split second, it was always really quick and then came right  back but it is distracting.

I had the same problem with sound too, in both single player and multiplayer. I'm guessing it'll be addressed in an update eventually (I hope). I also noticed a few texture errors in the single player campaign--namely with the graffiti textures disappearing on certain walls. Definitely not game-breaking but still annoying nonetheless.

I was getting sound cut out on me as well last night.  I was using headphones mainly playing all day yesterday until the servers took a doo-doo.

I have had the same problems but the fanboys will overlook this.