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What has your guild done for you lately?
october Events
October 1st through October 31st
The mother of all fishing tournaments!
We have organized a month-long fishing tournament. Check the Guild Forums for event details (because there are MANY!) as well as updates. There are some REALLY nice prizes for first, second and third place!

October 9th through October 31st

SFG Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Hello all my ghouls and boils and get ready for a little Halloween fun! BlackSwan & I have created a creepy little scavenger hunt to get you in the mood for one of our favorite holidays! Entrance fee is a mere 1k gold per person, Starting Saturday Oct 10th you have until 12 midnight (EST this time) on All Hallow’s Eve (Oct 31st) to send me, your finished list of items. We have 6 attachment slots available when sending in-game mail and these items should all stack properly for you to send them in one final shot, with the subject line reading “SFG Spooky Scavenger Hunt Completed”. The 1st 3 completed entries I receive by the deadline will be the winners and in standard SFG fashion, so choose their prizes. I will NOT accept partial entry mails folks, so hold on to them until you have completed the list, but you never know and could get lucky and find it all really fast (it should only take up 6 slots, not like 231 fish). ;) The goal of the SFG Spooky Scavenger Hunt is to pilfer and collect, then launder certain creepy items. Those who aren’t so familiar with the stealthy stealing aspect of the game or its lovely local REFUGES for laundering, will learn much in this challenge! This also works towards a few achievements, I believe, and who doesn’t love that?!?! The items to be collected are as follows:

Creepy Monkey Puppets….(Monkey Shines, I know you’re thinkin’ it)
5 Daedric Candlesticks….(in case the power goes out again)
5 Memento Mori….(for the stalker in all of us)
5 Tufts of Hair…(ew, but maybe we could knit a sweater..)
31 Pumpkins…because its Halloween silly!
And ONE of ANY of the 5 GREEN Items Below:
Daedric Tarot Cards
Shrunken Hagraven Head
Crow Feather Quill
Ornamental Bone Saw
Black Lace Kerchief
Some of these items are pretty easy, some less so and the wonderful randomness of the game and the possibility of getting pinched adds to the thrill. I’m not above people teaming up, but understand that each person would be responsible for the entry fee BUT only ONE prize awarded to the “team” (although you could of course then split the winnings amongst yourselves). A good idea if maybe a higher Vet finds a GREEN item then wants to team with a new/lower guildie who can score more of the white items. I’ll announce the winners by Sunday night 01Nov. The Prizes are:

“The Black Kitty” – Basically all the entry fees, a tidy little sum…MEOW!
“Heap of Horrors” – ALL of the items stolen by everyone. This is where a BIG bunch of ugly, can turn into some real pretty GREEN $$$ :mrgreen:
“No Tricks, Just Treats – Picnic Basket of Goodies” – A variety of meals & drinks from green to purple including such delicacies as:
Vaermina’s Nightmare
Hircine’s Meatloaf
Parrot & Pumpkin salad
Animate the Dead
Midnight Ritual Tea
Sload Slime
Hag Fen Pumpkin Pie…..because ya gotta have a pumpkin pie for Halloween!

Nonp0int's Pumpkin as featured on the latest ESO Live Twitch Stream!

October 12th through October 16th
Imperial City
We will have an Imperial City group going for the entire week, we will be camped out in All Members 4, so if you would like to join the group and get some materials for your VR15/VR16 gear, just drop into All Members 4 and ask for a group invite.

Other things happening:
Bi-weekly Crafting Jam Session
Come and join our bi-weekly crafting jam session to help members level up their tradeskills quickly and trade traits for research.

Pick the skill that is most important to you, and start harvesting materials of the highest level you can safely and efficiently farm.
Try to get 3/3 in the extraction passive for your chosen skill so you will get some materials back from the deconstruction process to reuse.
Blacksmithing = Metal Extraction
Clothing = Unraveling
Enchanting = Aspect Extraction
Woodworking = Wood Extraction
Event zone will be Shornhelm.
Easily accessible for characters of all levels.
Bank and crafting tables are in a small area that is easy to navigate. (No walls, giant staircases or cliffs between buildings)
Event chat channel will be All Members 3.

The Oceanic Show
Join us in All Members 3 for an informative session about ESO details. Each show will cover different topics, such as:

Game Mechanics.
Character Builds.
Patch notes.
Group/raid etiquette.
Correct kill order for major fights (Healers first!).
Better efficiency to get more out of your play style.
General tips that will make your life in Tamriel easier.
Discussion after each talking point for members to ask questions or discuss their views on the topic.
For a recap of previous shows, please visit The Oceanic Show thread on the Forums.

I really don’t feel you will find another guild like us. Come check us out for more information.


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