Soul trap spell

Who can I get a soul trap spell from?  Thanks!


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The wizard guy in Dragonreach has a Soul Trap Spell Book for sale

Also a guy in the Mage college has it for sale.

Wizard guy in dragons reach (Whiterun) sells the soul trap spell. He's the guy wearing the robes and hood.

Thanks fellas!  Oh, and an empty grand soul gem?  Any ideas?  And, while I am at it, what kind of beast will fill that bad boy up?

I've never found a grand soul gem, just greater. I have seen them (including ones filled with grand souls) in magic shops

if you dont want to get the spell, leveling up the bound weapons perks will auto soul trap if you kill with bound weapons, and i would like t know what creatures are grand soul level too, i already got azuras star and am trying to get better at enchanting. Also if your high enough level any mage type trader will have grand soul gems, filled and maybe unfilled.