soul trap & soul gem

I have soul trap.  I cast the spell, kill the beast, capture the soul.  Now, here is where my confusion starts.  Do you need empty soul gems to fill up, or does the lesser, petty, and common ones I have already, fill up more?  I know about the Azura star, so I am only asking about filling up soul gems.


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Didn't realize that dropping the gem and recollecting it would release the soul, nice one and Thanks :-)

I found out something interesting last night. I hadn't looked at the what fits where list in a while but assumed that Falmer were humanoid enough to require a black gem. They are beasts now but they were elves once. I had some empty black gems so i thought I would fill them with Falmer. Falmer are common and lesser.

Thanks for the tip about dropping them on the ground.  I wasn't aware of this, and have plenty of mismatched soul gems.

good explanation.  thanks.  It funny cause I haven't come across many empty soul gems soul per gem.

Have lots of empty ones in your inventory.


Here's an example:


A mudcrab has a petty soul.  You kill it and the soul goes into a petty soul gem.  If you ONLY have a grand soul gem, that petty soul will go into it and will now look like this in your inventory:


Grand Soul Gem (petty soul)


You don't want that.  You want the souls to match the gem or you're wasting the gem.


If this happens, you can drop the grand soul gem on the ground to clear out the soul.  Then pick it up so it can go back into your inventory.


Just make sure you have PLENTY of empty soul gems of varying sizes so this doesn't happen very often.