Sos not working sometimes...

anyone else having problems with the sawed off not killing something even though you're point blank? its as if the damage doesnt even make it even if i aim before i pull the trigger.

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Shotguns are moody guns sometime they like to kill things other times they just set you up to die. I stick to the gnasher now as hopefully 1 of 3 point blank shots will get the job done.

its the SoS, you dont deserve the kills, nuff said

Aww you get killed by the SOS too much?

oh hey dirt, your stupid on 2 accounts when it comes to gears. And SoS gives no trouble unless they hide behind a wall, but dirt im sure you know all about corner camping, its like half the people that play quick match KOTH right?

Yep, love killing chumps with no skill like you and watching them come in here crying about it.

No Dirt if you bothered to read before you again chimed in with your pointless post people were talking about the shotgun not killing people.

Well it works for me but some games do have a slight delay so it can mess things up

Yeah nothing like squeezing the trigger, counting three and then watch them fly apart