Sort of a let down

Sort of a let down, maybe because its on demand but I found the game to run chunky at speed [ cars/bikes].

The sounds for the cars is laughable at times, guess I expected more for free hehehehehe

I always wanted the game, nearly bought it, glad it was free, don't see a big reason to keep playing it cept for mild amusement.

Does seem to be like one big joke on rockstar games, but even GTA had better grafix and playability.

I guess the TV commercial was more pimp then the game.


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The first part of the game / story line was GTA like, but now that im on the street, im not finding more story line, just constant non stop battles with the gangs, how many asian do I gotta kill?  does the story line ever pick back up?

Reminds me of playing GTA VC, just drive around and mess with cops and gangs was the only long term fun there was.

It's a ok title... definitely a let down from SR2 imo. It does have it's moments and some of the new side activities are rather enjoyable (Looking a Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax... or whatever it's called), but I wish some of my favorites from SR2 made the transition over : Septic Avenger and Crowd Control.

The story is weaker than SR2's... I didn't like the singular story in SRTT and some of the VA's didn't fit their roles well. Still... it is a average sandbox title, not that bad... but not that good either.

Startin to grow on me now, story line has picked back up and more things to do have popped up.  

It reminds me of Grand Theft Auto. Played a little bit now I am on the street and can just choose my missions.   I hope the story line picks up.   From I read above, apparently it does.

I tried the "*** missions" or whatever.   They were funny.

what makes life easier, is to buy everything you can asap[ building n such that make you money], once cash is rollin in, then buy all the perks, [ ive picked up all the good weapons off the street or in mission, didn't have to buy anything but ammo] can cheat and just leave the game running while you sleep for a cash build it ;)  Story line does pick back up here and there. Enough to keep ya going.